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Adventure Directory - Local To Our Vicinity


Activities in the area:

Whether it is summer, winter, spring, or fall there are always plenty of activities.  

Hiking � Fishing � Camping
Horseback Riding � Kayaking
Eagle Viewing � Nature Photography

To find out more information
about fishing on the Kenai Peninsula
Read the Fish Zone




2014 Tide Tables
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We can refer you to the best local fishing charters which can be found and booked close to Bear Essentials Lodging. 

Salmon Run Charts
courtesy of
Alaska Outdoor Journal

Clam Digging in Alaska
courtesy of
Alaska Outdoor Journal



See all the exciting events
Scheduled in the Homer area.

Homer Event Schedule


Fishing Derbies

Homer Halibut Derby Results

This is Alaska's Largest Fishing Derby
Over $100,000 in cash and prizes
were awarded in 2012

Homer's fishing has been very consistent through the years.  In 2013, the Derby Jackpot  awarded the winner with $10,000 for his 323.2 pound halibut. 

We can lead you to the boats, just ask.

Salmon run to the "Fishing Hole" on the Homer Spit each summer. King Salmon are in the bay all winter.

Don't Miss Out On This Exciting Adventure

!!Book Your Rooms Early!!


Ninilchik King Salmon 
Halibut Derbies

Halibut and Salmon fishing  
in Homer is a must! 

n your drive down to the Kenai Peninsula from Anchorage, traveling along Turnagain Arm, watch for the bore tide.  A bore tide is a tidal flood, which is formed when incoming water collides with outgoing water.  As the tide rises in Cook Inlet, it fills Turnagain Arm so rapidly that a "bore tide" develops.  Turnagain Arm's narrow, shallow and gently sloping basin is ideal for bore tides.  Bore tides can vary from � to six feet high and travel at speeds between ten and fifteen miles per hour.  Bore tides are also influenced by a large range in tide.  Turnagain Arm's most extreme tidal range is almost forty feet.  Extreme minus tides (minus two to minus five and one-half and new or full moons create the most dramatic bore tides.  High winds can intensify the event. 

Turnagain Arm bore tides can be calculated for several popular viewing points based on the ten to fifteen mile per hour of the bore tide.  It takes five and one-half hours for the bore tide to travel from Anchorage, to Portage.  Plan to arrive about one-half hour before you expect the bore tide to arrive.  This time is approximate and may vary due to wind and tide range. At first, the water will appear calm just before the bore's arrival.  Listen for a roaring sound and watch for a series of waves two to three feet apart breaking near the shore or across channels.  Now for a word about the mudflats.  Beaches here are not like those in Hawaii, Mexico, along the Pacific or Atlantic oceans.  Anchorage beaches are unique because of the silt, tide and cold conditions.  People have died or endangered themselves while walking on the mudflats.  

For Your Safety 

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