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All Tables can be made to your specifications 
(height, width, and length)


Custom Shaped Tables

octlogtbl.jpg (59523 bytes)


 octlogtblyolis2.jpg (36170 bytes)


Corner Tables





Kitchen/Dining Tables



furntable.jpg (34301 bytes)
kitchblsm.jpg (43163 bytes)  
Dining Table with
Dimond Willow Base
Detail view of the
legs on
Dimond Willow Table


Deck Tables & Chairs

table_and_chair_set_for_deck.jpg (46849 bytes)


decktblchrssm.jpg (27949 bytes)




Coffee Tables

smtablefinished.jpg (55603 bytes)

coffeetbl01.jpg (32327 bytes)




Custom Inlaid Table
by Scofield Specialty Services

inlaidwhale1.JPG (23018 bytes)

endtable3.jpg (44275 bytes)

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